Andrew W.K.: "That's up to each person. I think drugs are fantastic, but that's just me. It depends how you use them, really. You don't need it because some people don't like drugs or some people might die if they did them, so I would never force them.

"You would have them if you want basically, and that goes for all the stuff. Some people don't like to eat meat; I'm not going to force anyone to have pepperoni pizza just 'cause I like it.

"I saw a person—I actually don't know exactly what drugs they took, but I think they were taking a doctor-prescribed drug for a health condition they already had, and I suppose the story involves them mixing these with the wrong kind of other, maybe non-doctor-prescribed drugs.

"Anyway, they started to vomit blood and had a spasm—a grand mal seizure or whatever—and bit their tongue off, and it was awful. The worst part was that the first 15, 20 minutes of this person spasming, everyone thought he was joking or dancing or wriggling around, so no one did anything until he started puking the blood.

"That could have just been from biting his tongue in half. That was very scary, but he did not die. I didn't know him personally, but I just saw this unfolding. It was quite disturbing, and the party didn't stop either. After he was taken away, everyone kept having a great time."