What they’ve been up to: With the obvious exception of Justin Timberlake, none of these guys have done anything remotely relevant in the last two years besides Joey Fatone who hosts the reality game show The Singing Bee and is an announcer on Family Feud.

Why YMCMB should sign them: Yeah, yeah, yeah we know Drake says he doesn’t care about what haters say. But let’s be for real: If the number one trending topic on Twitter is about your eyebrows and your whole steez is being a sensitive guy, you’re not going to feel some kinda way?

We suspect that despite his best efforts, the criticism gets to Drake. So what better way to deflect the hate than give him a sidekick? Better yet, how about a whole group of sidekicks who are wayyy cornier than Drake will ever be? Oh but no JT though...

Complex says: If you don’t think Justin Timberlake is way too past an N’SYNC reunion you probably think like a teen-aged girl think of it this way: Years ago, JT wasn’t entertaining questions about an 'NSYNC reunion because he was focused on his solo career. Nowadays, JT isn’t trying to entertain any questions about his singing career because he’s too focused on his acting career. So, um yeah, he’s kinda over all that boy band shit.