Phlo Finister: “I listened to a lot of classic rock like Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan, The Doors, Pink Floyd. That’s what I got into when I was 15. It was the fashion that took me to the music—all this ’60s mod stuff going on. What’s the music going along with this movement? I just started exploring it and with that my sound started developing with my lifestyle.

“Janis Joplin. When I heard her sing ‘Summertime’ or like Pink Floyd and Bob Dylan—the Blonde on Blonde album. They were so inspiring because they were so prolific. They had a message. They had something to say and I think that’s something that our generation really lacks is a message.

"Everybody wants to not give a fuck or be a rebel. But if you really think about it, and you think about doing music, your voice has an effect for change. You gotta speak shit. You gotta talk about something. You gotta inspire people just like you. So listening to those older classic artists only made me wanna say more in my music and challenge myself.”