The Importance of YouTube

Ed Sheeran: "YouTube, for new artists nowadays, is really important. Even from the perspective of this—you can write a new song and film it on your phone. Then you upload it to YouTube and get and instant reaction. That's a powerful thing. Giving out music really helps you generate a fan base. You can film music videos cheaply and get them out right away, like I did with the "A-Team." I did a gig in a homeless shelter and I met a woman there. The song is based on her story.


I did the video for "A-Team" for 20 quid. About $40.


"Being on SB.TV [a UK online platform known best for underground grime and rap freestyle videos] happened out of freak coincidence. He [Jamal] saw one of my videos on YouTube and and I happen to have tweeted him one day because said, "what film should I watch?" I mentioned precious, and he said "cool, let's make a video." The next day we made that video.

"Literally 20 seconds before I met you, I uploaded the trailer I made for the Yelawolf EP. That generates hype and is better than me just tweeting about it or anything else. It's like, here's a video of us making a tune. The EP is coming out in two weeks. It is a really powerful tool."