Producer: Lil Jon
Album: Married To The Game
Label: Jive

Too $hort: “You can hear me hanging out in strip clubs every night of my life, you can hear that in the song. You'll be like, 'This dude's around naked bitches.' Magic City Gentlemen's Club, that was my shit. Right there with everybody else.

“Lil Jon worked for Jermaine Dupri. He was in the A&R department and he also was producing So So Def All-Star songs. At night, Lil Jon would be a DJ at a lot of clubs around Atlanta and at one point he had this song out that was called 'Who You Wit?' and it was just like a chant song. Nobody rapped any bars on there, [it was] all these chants, and it was a really popular song around Atlanta.

"It used to get the dance floor moving. So I asked Lil Jon one day, I said, 'Can I rap on that song?' He was like, 'Nah, nah.' He was like, 'I'ma give you some new shit.' So he went by my studio one day when I wasn't there and he left four tracks, [including this one]."