Producer: Too $hort
Album: Short Dog's In The House
Label: Jive

Too $hort: “I got shot in the head in a crack house. I was smoking the pipe, I went in the crack house, and they killed me in the crack house. Shit never happened in real life. But it was a real fucking rumor. Without social media, the shit went all over the whole country and I was just—I was dead. With social media, when the rumor goes out, the rumor gets killed.

"When it went out back then, it [stayed] out for a long time, so I was dead. I was gone, I was out of there. They were having memorials for me, all kinds of shit. You got people waking up and going, 'Oh my God, my friend is dead.' Like they believe in this shit. Radio stations were having a moment of silence and shit, and I wasn't officially back alive until the next album came out [with this song.]”