Producer: J Dilla
Album: Fishscale 
Label: Def Jam / Stones Throw Records

J Dilla passed away from a rare blood disease just three days after the release of his instrumental opus, Donuts. After his death, a number of artists ranging from The Roots to Busta Rhymes to Talib Kweli plucked from these instrumentals to create songs of their own. However there was one artist Dilla clearly had in mind when crafting Donuts, and that was Ghostface Killah.

Simply titled “One For Ghost,” the beat was used just months later on Ghost's critically acclaimed Fishscale album. Fishscale was the first pairing of Ghost and Dilla, who also collabed on the song “Beauty Jackson,” which was known as “Hi” when it appeared on Donuts. Dilla and Ghostface had impeccable chemistry, as Jay Dee brought the heart and soul out of Tony Starks, giving him some of his best and most creative sounds since Supreme Clientele.

Dilla's sample of Luther Ingram's “To The Other Man,” was the perfect backdrop for Ghost to tell his hilarious tales of yesteryear, when his Mom used to beat the brakes off him.