Producer: J Dilla
Album: Finding Forever
Label: Good Music/Geffen Records

First appearing on Dilla's Donuts as “Bye,” this instrumental was an incredibly sad listening experience. It's almost as if Dilla knew he was leaving the earth, and was leaving this gem behind as his final farewell. “So Far To Go” would later appear on Dilla's first posthumous album, The Shining, featuring Common and D'Angelo.

More than just a song, “So Far To Go” represents the end of an era. It was one of the last beats Dilla completed before passing away, and also marked the last time he'd work with his Soulquarian contemporaries. Heck, it was damn near the last time we heard something new from D'Angelo. It's only fitting that a producer who brought so many so much joy to the world would sample The Isley Brothers “Don't Say Goodnight,” for his final goodnight.