Producer: Black Milk
Album: Detroit Deli (A Taste of Detroit)
Label: Capitol Records

There's no way around it, “Reunion” is an eerie song. It was originally set to feature all four members of Slum Village, but rapper Baatin decided against contributing a verse at the 11th hour. Baatin's flaking on his feature prompted Elzhi to discuss the situation in his verse, wherein he ripped Baatin and pleaded with the struggling MC to get help.

A Slum Village reunion album was later planned, but never came to fruition due to the passing of both Jay Dee and Baatin. This would've been their last moment together as one. The track is often credited to Jay Dee, but it was actually produced by Dilla's understudy, Black Milk. Although the song is somber in hindsight, it did include one of the better lines of Dilla's career: “Rep more D than 12 Eminems.”