Producer: J Dilla, The Ummah
Album: The Velvet Rope, N/A
Label: N/A

Janet Jackson's first single from her 1997 album The Velvet Rope was surrounded by controversy from the jump. First, Janet and co. were sued by British singer Des'ree for illegally sampling her “Feel So High.” Second, and most importantly, J Dilla was snubbed of a production credit. Whether a simple mistake or the work of music industry shysters, the song was credited to Janet Jackson, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis—despite having The Ummah's fingerprints all over it.

Those patented Ummah snares, kicks and burbling bass were all present, plus Q-Tip was featured on the track. It didn't take long for those in the know to figure out this was the work of Record Industry Rule #4080. Lashing back at those who'd wronged him, Dilla went back and crafted a remix dubbed as “Jay Dee's Revenge” taking the elements used on the orginal and beefing them up as he skillfully waved the middle finger at a certain production duo from Minneapolis.