Album: ATLiens
Label: LaFace

Mr. DJ: "I grew up listening to Magic Mike. Magic Mike is this Miami deejay, and he was the king of cutting. Down south, our DJing consisted of mostly difficult cutting or scratches. That's what we were known for. So I used to watch Magic Mike, and I was like, 'This gon' be the song where I emulate Magic Mike and cut it up.' “'Wheelz of Steel' was dedicated to the DJs. Dre came up with the drums on that beat, Big came up with hook, and all the scratches and stuff, I did. I had like 17 records.

"If you actually listen to the song, everything that I'm cutting, I'm actually saying a sentence with the different scratches on that song. Like at the end of each scratch, I'm actually scratching a word. So each one of those words, if you actually put it all together, are sentences. It's a different scratch for each word, so you have to really listen to it. Like, one particular cut that might come off a Public Enemy record where somebody is saying the word 'feel.' And the next word that might come off an OutKast record, that says, 'so.' For example, say I cut the 'so' from 'So Fresh, So Clean,' and then the other record might be a cut from somebody else saying the word 'good'— I'd cut them all together and in order, and it all ends up saying sentences, like, 'This feel so good.' So I say different sentences with the cuts.

"Me and OutKast might have done that one live only once or twice. It was off the chain. It was a good show song. While DJing, I would do all the behind-the-back stuff, and show performance things. We were kind of like the modern-day Run-DMC. We didn't do the song that much, but it was a live song when we did do it. I mean, I was a good show DJ, a good DJ period, and I kind of really would like to get back to DJing, because I enjoy the power that it has."