Album: Hummin' Comin' at 'Cha
Label: Columbia

Rico Wade: "'Tonight' was originally a U-Boyz song. The U-Boyz was a group that had me, Marqueze [Ethridge] (who wrote TLC's 'Waterfalls'), and Sleepy in it. It was a singing group. We used to do little acapella things, and Xscape heard one of our songs and they wanted to use it. 'Tonight' was the song that made them fuck with us. We had already knew Xscape growing up because they were trying to be a female version of our singing group, cause we were like street dudes singing. Our style was like Jodeci before they came out. Ian Burke was managing Xscape at the time, and he came to us and was like, 'I want Xscape to do "Tonight" over' and that's how it wound up on their album."