Album: Aquemini
Label: BMG

Rico Wade: "One thing really stood out about that song. I remember we had to meet with OutKast to play them some beats for the new album. When Dre showed up, he had Erykah Badu with him because they were dating at the time."

Mr. DJ: "I can remember the times where Erykah was around. She was just like one of the boys. I mean, she was Erykah Badu—but to us she was just family. Even though she didn't dictate the songs, she might've been the influence for some of the lyrics. Her part that she sang on 'Humble Mumble' was all her idea, but she wasn't giving advice to OutKast for like hooks or anything."

Rico: "When Dre and Erykah walked into the studio, Ray turned on the beat and Erykah flipped out… she went crazy. We were all digging the song, but she had to [have] been the loudest one up in there. That's something I'll always remember. That was fly to me."