Album: Snakes On A Plane [soundtrack]
Label: Watertower Music

Rico Wade: "Me and Ray was out in L.A. working on the Miami Vice soundtrack the same time Cee-Lo was blowing up with that Gnarls Barkley song 'Crazy.'"

Ray Murray: "I really wanted to do movies and stuff. So we went out there and did Ali, went back out there and scored Miami Vice 2, and TV stuff, like, Being Bobby Brown—we did the music for that."

Rico: "While out there on the West Coast, Ray and me met up with the people for Snakes On A Plane and they were like, 'We want y'all to do a song for the movie, but what y'all think about that Gnarls Barkley?' We were like, 'We love them. That's our friend. That's our artist Cee-Lo.' We called him right there. When we got back to the hotel, we came up with a beat, sent it to Cee-Lo through the computer, he wrote Barry, sent it back to us after putting something on it, and we all got paid. They might have gave us $150,000 for that song. We all split it."