Album: Afrodisiac
Label: Atlantic

Rico Wade: "This was a song that Cee-Lo had wrote. Then this executive from Atlantic heard it and he was like, 'I want to use this for Brandy.' So he made it happen—he got Brandy on the track. But what he did was, he had this other girl demo it so Brandy could want to do it. Cee-Lo had demo'd it himself, but Michael took the song and had another girl to do it so Brandy wouldn't be intimidated hearing Cee-Lo's vocals. The way Cee-Lo originally sung it, it was so good, so hard, that they didn't want Brandy to be like, 'I can't sing like him.' So they had this other girl sing it to make it sound lighter. Overall, I was just happy to do a song with Brandy. I loved the outcome."