Album: Soul Food
Label: LaFace

Rico Wade: "I was making the beat in my mother's bedroom and my cousin DJ [who went on to produce 'Ms. Jackson' and 'Bombs Over Baghdad' for OutKast, and a lot of stuff for Common] was there. To be honest, there's only a couple of beats that I've allowed him to work on, and that was one of them."

Mr. DJ: (former Associate Producer, Organized Noize / Co-Founder, Earthtone III / Cousin of Rico Wade): "That first Goodie Mob album was recorded right there at the Dungeon, at Ric's house in the studio downstairs. Rico had the sample going and I came in there and put some drums on it. That was kind of like my job at first, as being an associate producer for Organized Noise. That was my thing: make sense of stuff. Everybody was so busy doing other stuff. Ray of course, was always making beats. And Ric was in and out. Ric would be making beats and then Ric would be on the phone handling the business, getting the money. At the Dungeon, everybody would always just drop by all the time, so we would have beats cooking."

Rico: "We put that out on the album Soul Food of course. Soul Food totally meant a family, totally meant more than fucking food. But overall, 'Goodie Bag' was my idea, it was my melody, but DJ added extras to it. People might not know that DJ was a part of that, because he didn't get credit. But I got him [paid] for the production work he did on Goodie Mob's 'Black Ice' and 'They Don't Dance No Mo.'”

DJ: "There's a lot of things I may not have gotten credit for, but I was always financially taken care of. I was always straight. Between my cousin and them being fair, and my attorney, I've never been jipped out of any money. Believe that. I've always got what was due to me. Even though there was a time where Interscope stopped giving us money, we never had any fallouts over money."