Album: Soul Food
Label: LaFace

Rico Wade: "Big Gipp came to me one day and was like, 'Yo, you got to check out this song [Cool] Breeze got.' I heard it and we wound up putting it on Goodie Mob's album. Gipp is the one who made it happen. We were already working with OutKast, and Goodie and I knew Cool Breeze from the Eastpointe Chain Gang, but I never really talked to him. But Gipp was like, 'You need to go talk to him, you need to hear this song.' And just so happen it was 'Dirty South.'

"As far as the term go, we never got paid for none of that shit. But as far as the way it's been capitalized, now everybody got 'dirty south' records, and 'dirty south' movies, and… 'Dirty South' was Cool Breeze's shit. He came up with that shit and he didn't make nothing from it, and he will forever be bitter about that. And he deserve to be. I didn't know we should trademark that shit."