Album: East Point's Greatest Hit
Label: Interscope

Rico Wade: "Cool Breeze was supposed to be our first artist. For whatever reason, we didn't pull the trigger. I was trying so hard not to be Puffy, holding niggas' hands. Like Witchdoctor with 'Holiday'—he brought me that single. He wasn't just taking. Some niggas were actually giving back."

Ray Murray: (Producer, Organized Noize): "The first deal that we did with [Interscope] was sign Cool Breeze. Cool Breeze, it just so happened, is the kind of an artist—and all the artists have the issue sometimes—but the worst of them who have the writer blocks are Cool Breeze and Mr. Benjamin. We were hard on Dre and Big Boi, but we were harder on them than we were anybody else simply because they were the first ones."

Rico: "We already had 'Watch For The Hook,' but this was the song where I had to tell Cool Breeze, 'You got to write some better words.' On this song, I made him sit there and go in. I told him, 'You're gonna have to get into some street, this is what they want from you.' And he responded. I've always wanted him to just do what he wanted, but that's when I was like, 'We can't fuck this one up.' The beat was spaced out. And I challenged him. People want pressure."