Album: New Jersey Drive, Vol. 1 [soundtrack]
Label: Tommy Boy

Mr. DJ: "I used to be a car thief. In Atlanta, we had a lot of car thiefs. I had a chop shop, and Ric was the wholesaler. We used to steal cars, car parts and sell them. Everybody was in the studio one day just talking about what kind of cars they would steal. Like, 'You either want a Benz or a Beemer.' I was the first one in the crew to get a Beemer, so that was my Beemer in the music video. Dre had a Cadillac, Big had the LexusGS when it first came out, and I got a BMW. Ric's first car was an Acura, Sleepy's first car was a Benz, and Ray bought a Trooper and a Jeep. I did all the scratches on that record."

Rico Wade: There was only two hit records on that New Jersey Drive soundtrack: Outkast 'Benz or Beemer' and that Total record ['Can't You See']. That's what sold the soundtrack. It was a good look for us—it helped us because we were between the Southernplayalistisic album and ATLiens. The song's concept was something we had before OutKast even had a deal. And the beat was real relaxed. We didn't overthink it, we didn't worry about having no singing hook, we dind't worry about that. We just knew that where we were in our career, people would respect us doing some straight hip-hop shit, and it worked out cause Atlanta loved it. 'Benz or Beemer' became an anthem for Bankhead rappers."