Album: Mind Of Mystikal
Label: Jive/BMG
Producer: Charles "Big Boy" Temple, Leroy "Precise" Edwards

Mystikal: “That was my revenge rap. That was my song to show the rap industry that I had arrived for real. Prior to that [with] 'Y'all Ain't Ready Yet,' actually a lot of people wasn't ready yet for it because it was kinda out there at that time. It was like, ahead of its time. A lot of people couldn't get it.

“For one, they couldn't understand what the hell I was saying. And two, it just was different. Especially in New York, where they were biased to Southern rappers, [they thought] we looked like country bumpkins and all that shit.

“'Here I Go' was my statement to the nation, saying 'You're a fucking liar.' I'm country, you might be right about that, but I am an artist, motherfucker. I came from hip-hop. Believe that. We had to show 'em. Yeah it originated [in New York], y'all definitely get your props for that and y'all definitely influenced us, but once it's in your heart it's in your heart.”