Saying The New World Order Is Not As “Nefarious” As Believed

When? September 2011

What happened? While dropping by the Occupy Wall Street protests last year, Lupe spoke with a web video reporter about 9/11 conspiracy theories and the super-secret (and possibly fictitious) New World Order. "I think the New World Order is something that is deliberate and it’s in the public,” he said. “I do think that there are some parts of it that are done in secret simply because it is a private kind of situation with private individuals who hold private stake in certain parts of the world. You don't invite everybody to dinner at your house. I don't think that they're as nefarious as people make them out to be. I think it's the stuff that we silently allow [them to do]. I think that we're complicit."

Complex says: Even though Lupe’s known to be something of a rebel, he knows that real revolutionaries—like real bad boys—move in silence. Maybe he’s not calling the New World Order nefarious because he believes that their agents could be monitoring all communications—especially those coming from OWS protesters. But “they” can’t hear words he never said.