Calling Lil B’s “I’m Gay” Album Title Genius

When? June 2011

What happened? When Lupe caught wind of the hate Lil B was receiving for titling his debut album I’m Gay, he quickly came to the Cali rapper’s defense. "Let me make something abundantly clear, the title I'm Gay (I'm Happy), I think is absolute genius,” Fiasco wrote on his blog. “Those two words together, side by side in almost any format in the society we live in, can be a cultural and social death sentence. The word 'gay' referring to homosexuality in the minds of the 'guilty,' as we’ll call them here, sent shock waves throughout our hip-hop community. Making Lil B the target of attack and ridicule. But Lil B's ultimate intention and preference for the word 'gay' was its 'one who is happy' definition. So basically my lil homey was being attacked for being happy."

Complex says: True. But The BasedGod named his album I’m Gay for attention’s sake. The record didn’t address any of the social stigmas that come with homosexuality. And in the end, the album was a total fail.