Not one to hold her tongue, Kreayshawn's comments have gotten her in hot water before. Remember when she was "beefing" with Rick Ross? Or when she had something to say about Nicki Minaj? Now her words are aimed at a smaller target (in size) and fellow Complex cover alumnus, Lana Del Rey in March's issue of GQ.

"What is this depressing shit? I'm going to slit my ankles," says Kreayshawn after hearing one of Lana's remixes. But that wasn't the most interesting piece of her feature. Of course, we should expect her to talk shit from time to time, but to actually take a shit in the middle of the interview, deems a new level of entertainment.

Get a load (no pun) of what she calls the "Prairie Dog."

"As soon as the door shuts, she yells: "I have to POOP," like a proud potty-trained toddler. This has clearly been on her mind for some time-when I'd originally asked if I could hang out in the room while she got dressed, she'd responded, "Are you going to write about how I pooped, ate nachos, then pooped again? Men won't like that." Her girlfriends are instantly behind her in this effort, no pun intended. Lady Tragik encourages, "C'mon, girl. Poop thug life," and throws up the West Coast sign. Avian starts pumping her arm, in a sports-stadium chant: "Number two! Number two! Number two!" Kreay pumps her arm too, like an athlete encouraging the cheers. Then Avian puts on a mock-serious tone: "You prairie doggin' '?"

Kreayshawn cracks up. I ask, "What's 'prairie doggin'?" Just trying to be a good reporter. She stops before the door to the bathroom: "You know how a prairie dog kind of pops his head out and then pops it back in?" She bends her spindly arms up like prairie-dog paws and demonstrates with her head bobbing up and down. "That's what my shit is doing." The bathroom door slides only halfway shut."

An Instagram pic of "Poop Thug Life" tatted on her chest, coming soon?

[via GQ]