Anyone hoping for more instrumental and apparently "aggressive" music from U.K. dubstep-soul singer-songwriter James Blake will be excited to know that's exactly what he's recording lately. At least, that's what he told the folks over at Spinner when they asked about his new music. Here's exactly what he had to say about his in-the-works tunes:

I think it's going to be a bit more aggressive, to be honest. It seems that way. I don't feel more aggressive, it's just been ... it's just how I feel. In terms of writing more club tracks, writing more electronically influenced -- I feel like it was all electronically influenced, but now that influence has come to me in a different way.

Blake went on to say that he hopes to again collaborate with Bon Iver. You might recall that the two paired up for a jaw-dropping duet on Blake's October 2011 release, the Enough Thunder EP.

So let's get this straight: aggressive, club-oriented music, but also joints with Bon Iver, who's stuff is about as far away from aggressive that we can imagine? Interesting.

[via Spinner]