DMX is back. He's back making music, back talking his shit, and tonight he's making his "return To NYC" with a show at SOB's. If you're in New York City, check out details and get tickets to the show here. Read a couple excerpts from our conversation with X below.

Interview by Insanul Ahmed (@Incilin)

You have the upcoming show at SOBs, what do you have planned? What songs are you going to be performing?

My last maybe three or four things I rocked, the shows were probably about an hour long. My last three shows I performed form an hour and a half to two hours and ten minutes. I haven’t performed in New York in a while, so who knows how long the show is going to be. And I know when we get in, of course, I am going to do some new music, and you know the classics. I can’t wait.

I think people are very excited. You are playing a small venue, but you have so many fans in New York who just love DMX.

Exactly. Yeah. That’s one thing , the love that I get from the fans. Its just like, you know, I have a song that I played yesterday and that was incredible. Incredible. And I get more love than whoever is popping right now.