Tree & Project Mayhem

Twitter: @ProjectMayhemIL

Pros: They appeal to the streets, hip-hop purists and hype-beasts — all while making incredibly cohesive projects. Plus Tree is making a name for himself on the solo tip.

Cons: They haven’t dropped a group album in almost three years. The public needs to hear more of them together.

Essential Listening: Tree The Tree EP

Project Mayhem, the dapper dons of Chicago’s Westside, have been bubbling in Chicago’s underground circuit for the past few years. Accepted everywhere from the grimiest of hip-hop spots to the poshest nightclubs in the city, Project Mayhem’s sound is a healthy mix of traditional boom-bap, with party-starting appeal. Over the past year we’ve seen a group mixtape, and a slew of solo releases, but with their album Middle America on the horizon, hopefully Mayhem can jump to the next level.

Official/unofficial member Tree, from the now-leveled Cabrini Green housing projects, has seen his profile rise considerably over the past six months. Seemingly dropping new projects monthly, Tree’s latest works have received love and recognition from some of the Internet’s top sites. His off-kilter flow and unique production style are a breath of fresh air in genre plagued by copycats. It would be wise to explore his catalog if you haven’t already.

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