Sir Michael Rocks & The Toothpick Clique

Twitter: @SirMichaelRocks

Pros: Most crews are significantly weaker than the boss, but with TPC that’s not the case. And at only 23, Sir Michael already has years of music industry experience under his belt.

Cons: Fans screaming “WE WANT THE COOL KIDS”

Essential Listening: Tris J Tris World

Complex says: It’s still Cool Kids for life, but the artist formerly known as Mikey Rocks is now embarking on a solo career—and is bringing his Toothpick Click along for the ride. Sir Michael, who’s also affiliated with Curren$y’s Jet Life Recordings, rounded up some of Chicago’s finest—as well as some childhood pals—to form the collective. Exhibiting a different sound than that of his work with Chuck Inglish, the Toothpick Clique (or TPC for short) consists of Tris J, Shorty K, and frequent Cool Kids collaborator and sexy round-the-way-girl Tennille.

Tris J is an obvious TPC standout, as his deep voice and distinct drawl stole the show on Sir Mike’s single “Too Short Back.” On New Years Day, the Tris Man dropped one of the year’s hottest mixtapes with Tris World, featuring production from Lux Luger and Cardo. With the team captain already a proven star, he now has a strong bench to back him up.