Chance The Rapper

Twitter: @chancetherapper

Pros: He can rap very well—in multiple styles.

Cons: Not enough material in the marketplace. Will he live up to the hype?

Essential Listening: His project 10 Day isn't out yet, but you can peep this song off it.

Hailing from Chicago’s Southside, Chance has one of the more distinct flows and voices of any new artist in the game. Fresh out of high school, this young spitter is already selling out venues and taking meetings with labels–all without even dropping a proper mixtape.

Chance’s intricate wordplay, and vibrant sing-songy flow has drawn comparisons to early Eminem and The Pharcyde. Even when he’s menacing it sounds like he’s smiling on the track. With his debut mixtape, 10 Day (written and recorded during a 10-day high school suspension) due out in Spring, we’ll finally get a chance to dissect a full body of work.