Chocolate Cake Was His Favorite

As reported by Kelly L. Carter of the Detroit Free Press, it was Jay’s favorite flavor ’til the day he returned to the essence. When Dilla came home from the hospital to his Los Angeles apartment in early 2006, and celebrated his first birthday in four years in his own home, his friend and roommate Common bought him a chocolate cake to commemorate the milestone.

His pals from Stones Throw Records, Madlib and Peanut Butter Wolf, also came by his place with a celebratory cake in the shape of a chocolate donut to celebrate the just released Donuts. However, Jay—weak from kidney failure and dialysis treatments after being diagnosed with Lupus—did not want his friends to witness his deteriorating health, and kept their visit brief.

He passed away just three days later. Rest assured, however, that if they didn’t serve chocolate cake in hip-hop heaven before February 10th, 2006 they sure as hell did thereafter. J Dilla, R.I.P.