Working With A$AP Rocky & Black Milk

Danny Brown: “My manager is cool with [A$AP Rocky’s] peoples and that’s pretty much it. We all hang out all the time, smoking weed and kicking it. [That’s how he ended up directing the video for ‘Blunt After Blunt’]

“I was a fan of Black Milk’s music and I met him through Hex Murder. Black is from Detroit so I’ve seen him around. I didn’t know about Black Milk until I got out of jail. We would be around the same spots. I fucked with his music when I [used to just] see him but I ain’t start fucking with him [personally] until Hex [introduced us].

“[That Black and Brown project] was Hex’s idea. I didn’t even record it—those vocals are from when I was recording back then in their studio and they just remixed it and made that. I did a couple new [vocals] because he hit me up and was like, ‘Yo I just need a couple new shits.’ So I did a couple new ones and pushed them together.”