A$AP Twelvy

Real Name: Jamel Phillips

Age: 22

Twitter: @AsapTwelvyy

From: "I was born in Harlem Hospital and lived on Skrilla Hill for a minute. That's 129th and Convent. Then 127th and Lenox, and in about '03, I moved to Castle Hill. That's one of the wildest sections of the Bronx."

Known For: "Trilla" on Live.Love.A$AP

How He Met A$AP Rocky: "I know Rocky through Yams. I've known Yams since '06. That was my homie. Then one day, it was like '08, I had a crib on Lenox and 139th and I had a little house party. Rocky came through, and that was the first time I was really introduced to him. It was like, 'Yo, this is Rocky. Y'all on the same team. So y'all got to get cool.' My first impression was that he was wild cool. He had hoes. He had the little perm and shit, so this little pretty motherfucker better have the hoes. As soon as I met him, he threw me a joint like, 'Here, this is for you.' It was love, unconditionally."

Role In A$AP: "I would consider myself the general. I hold it down. I network a lot. When it comes to business, I'll probably put your head on your shoulders like, 'Yeah. You should do this,' because I know that shit. I know that dollar."

Before The Fame: "Niggas would call me Mel or Two-Twelve. Two-Twelve is some Blood shit. That's how Blood members conversate. They two-twelve with each other. I grew up around a whole bunch of Bloods. I didn't want to be Blood, but I had wild love for them. I'd two-twelve with them, and it just caught on like, 'You're Two-Twelve. You speak for us to the people.'"

Since The Fame: "I see a lane now. I've got a lane. So I run with the good goon shit, because I'm a good nigga—but at the same time, I'm a bad nigga. I'm not going to body you, but I'm on some bold shit. If you rub me the wrong way, I'm really on some bold shit. I'm going to bring the same thing to the music. Y'all niggas is not rapping. I want niggas to rap again. So I'm going to rap my ass off."

On Fashion: "Before rap, I had a crazy sneaker game. When it comes to fashion, that's what I'm about. Bringing out certain kicks where niggas ask, 'Where the fuck you get those from?' I let my brothers do the Givenchy and all that shit. I'll probably do that one day, but besides that, I'm on my sneaker shit. I'll wear the same pair of RRL jeans every day, but I'll have a different pair of kicks."

What He's Learned: "Once you're popping, everybody wants to be your friend. I don't like niggas, because I know how funny they be. These motherfuckers are fake. They either try to get a picture with you or a handshake, so somebody else can see. Nah, I don't fuck with y'all if you're not A$AP or somebody that I was working with before. I don't fuck with people. I don't like these industry folk. I respect you, but I don't like you because I know what you're in it for. I'm in it for something else. I'm in it to get what I've got to say out, and that's it. I'm not asking you for any money, bro. I'm really not. I'm just asking you to hear me out."

What's Next: "I can do whatever. I can learn how to direct films, engineer, make clothes. The possibilities are endless. I like sneakers and shit. I could see myself working with Nike to put out my own kicks one day. I see myself having my own basketball team and street-ball tournament. Shit like that. I want to do shit that old-school hustlers used to do. Put your money into the hood, and it'll come back. You can help somebody else get a future. I can see myself grabbing the next little nigga from out the hood and putting him out there."

Final Words: "I'm a comedian and I've got the most popping Twitter. If you read my timeline, you'll be like, 'Yo, this kid right here is crazy.' I'm a Gemini. So you know Geminis are crazy. I've got the same birthday as Big L and Remy Martin. She's from Castle Hill, where I live now. So all that shit connects. It's weird."