A$AP Nast

Real Name: Tairiq Devega

Age: 21

Twitter: @ASVPNVST

From: "I rep all of Harlem, but I'm from Morningside, so I'll rep that until the death of me. I'm from 115th and Morningside Avenue."

Known For: "Trilla" on Live.Love.A$AP

How He Met A$AP Rocky: "Rocky is my cousin. That's the fam. We were distant cousins for a while. We hung around when we were younger. Then after a while, he went his own way. He moved up to the BX and we parted ways. I knew where he was, but I was doing my own thing. Eventually, the whole A$AP thing started, and that reunited us. Then, Bari and them started fucking with him. They started bringing him to the hood, and I was like, 'Oh shit, my long-lost cousin.' Next thing you know, we were back at it."

Role In A$AP: "I'm the nigga that rapped and then didn't want to rap anymore. I'm a role model to my brothers. I be making sure shit is good behind the scenes and on-camera."

Before The Fame: "All I knew was selling weed, making a dollar and rocking the flyest shit. That's it. It damn sure wasn't school. I dropped out after age 18. I was just in the hood, making money and living life without giving a fuck."

Since The Fame: "They fucked around and gave us the public eye. That's the biggest thing, because if you don't have the public eye on you—you ain't nobody. Obviously, things have changed for me drastically. I was a nigga from the hood. Now, I'm on tour with Drizzy Drake."

On Fashion: "I think fashion is what brought us all together. We're so close because we were all fly. We would all feed off of each other like, 'Damn, this nigga's a fly nigga. I've got to get up on this and make sure I'm on my shit.' So we all fed off each other with that shit and it made us monsters at the end of the day."

What He's Learned: "Everyone in the industry isn't who you think they are when you're outside of it. Some people we met—I ain't going to say no names—but they're assholes. The people you look up to before you're in the industry, when you're just an unknown motherfucker, you think a bunch of people are just 'it.' Then, when you're actually in there, you realize that these people ain't shit, at all. I realized that the people that are actually doing shit are the ones with the closed mouths. The ones that aren't doing shit are the ones with the biggest mouths."

What's Next: "You can expect a shitload from me. I'm working on my project, God Bless America. We've got this A$AP Mob shit in the works right now. So, right after that, I'm dropping my shit."

Final Words: "Anybody can rock fashion these days, but it ain't all about the clothes. It's about the style. If you don't have any style, fuck your fashion."