Original Song: U.S.A. For Africa "We Are The World" (1985)

The lyric was always self-aggrandizing (“there's a choice we're making, we're saving our own lives”??), and no doubt Haitian earthquake relief was a worthy cause. But where USA For Africa were legit world-class talents and musical geniuses reciting their lines with both humble passion and vocal distinction, this one is larded up with industry-pimped B-listers (Josh Groban! Enrique Iglesias! Nick Jonas! Jennifer Nettles!) advertising unearned egos. Not to mention an irritating Lil Wayne/Akon/T-Pain AutoTune Row, a rap section that's even worse, Jamie Foxx pretending to be Ray Charles, a zombie Michael Jackson returned from the grave, and Wyclef Jean gargling with salt water.