Original Song: Hoyt Curtin "Meet The Flintstones" (1962)

From the same yabba-dabba-doo soundtrack CD as Weird Al Yankovic's Chili Peppers spoof “Bedrock Anthem,” an immediate self-parody (from the B-52s, on normal days) that sounds exactly like you'd guess it would, with Fred Schneider doing that thing where you wonder how he never got thrown out of the tour bus for yelling “Let's….GO TO MCDONALD's!!” and surfy guitars and, uh, everything. They were probably impressed that it was based on Beethoven. (Just kidding—though not about the Beethoven, apparently.) And by the way, the only reason the Chili Peppers themselves aren't in this countdown is that their covers tend not to suck as bad as their own songs.