Original Song: Little Richard "Long Tall Sally" (1956)

It's not exactly like the King of Whitebread pulled this boogie-woogie from under Little Richard's feet. The original had charted one week earlier (April 7, 1956 to April 14), stayed on Billboard's Hot 100 longer (19 weeks to 15), and peaked higher (#6 to #8).

Pat Boone was slightly closer than Little Richard to being a teenager at the time, too—just turning 22, not 23½. Though maybe that helped him—it's not like Little Richard was the kind of boyfriend you could bring home to meet Mom and Dad anyway. But while it's hard to believe they could've had the same audience, especially in the segregated '50s, it's also hard to believe Boone didn't cut into sales somehow—even if he contributed to publishing proceeds.

Either way, this is about as lame-o a laundering as you'd fear. At least when Pat stole “Ain't That A Shame” (No. 1 in 1955) and “Tutti Frutti” ( No. 12 in 1956), he sounded like he was halfway trying. Years later, he covered metal songs, and was in on the joke.