Original Song: Katy Perry "I Kissed A Girl" (2008)

Consider this a stand-in for the entire Punk Goes Pop compilation series on Fearless Records, on which interchangeably crappy would-be rock nonentities like Yellowcard and Breathe Carolina and Silverstein and Chiodos—and countless more with even less recognizable names—cover Miley/Britney/Akon/Gaga/Antebellum/etc. songs, almost inevitably making them rock less than they did in the first place but it's not like I'm gonna check and make sure. (There are also Punk Goes Metal, '80s, '90s, Acoustic, etc. comps: Branding!)

This gratingly Auto-Tuned bubblecrabcore interpretation of Katy Perry's allegedly once semi-controversial cherry Chapstick commercial seems the closest thing to a Punk Goes “hit.” And yes, the boy singer, having kissed a girl, still says “I hope my boyfriend don't mind it.” Transgressive!