An “incomplete” list on their Wikipedia entry tallies over 300 songs Phish have covered over the years, so aficionados may well quibble about whether this is the worst one they ever did, or whether lesser constellations in the jam-band universe have noodled their way into even more wilted oblivion. But it's certainly bad enough for our purposes.

Their six-disc 1999 Hampton Comes Alive alone has Phish hippie-dipping the Beastie Boys, Beatles, Chumbawamba, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, bluegrassers Hot Rize, blues guitarist Son Seals, pothead novelty act Ween, and Stevie Wonder, along with the erstwhile Fresh Prince.

Here, they actually precede their alleged jigginess with a minute or so of passable early '70s organ rock, and the bassline sets up an okay groove: their problem's not that they can't play; just that their musicianship tends not to come with memorable songs attached. No wonder they like covering other people's.

Anyway, once the rapping starts, all bets are naturally off, and seven long minutes pass before they move onto even more aimless types of tedium. Fans with baked brains let you get away with so much.