Original Song: The Beatles "Come Together" (1969)

Truth is, this might not have technically been the absolute worst Beatles cover on 1978's Bee Gees-and-no-name-heavy George Martin–produced Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band soundtrack travesty. But where, say, George Burns's “Fixing A Hole” and Sandy Farina's “Here Comes The Sun” kinda came and went, this one kinda stuck around: It wound up being just about the only wet noodle on Aerosmith's 1980 Greatest Hits LP, for instance.

And while it's not hard to understand why they picked it to cover—the original was slightly funky, after all—it really does, in retrospect, feel like the beginning of the end: One of the best hard rock bands of the '70s losing their nasty sense of boogie, and starting to succumb to the de-fanged Tin Pan Alley moves that'd make them richer when they cleaned up in the '80s. You can almost hear Steve Tyler's embarrassing American Idol stint coming.