Yesterday, Danny Brown told XXL that he felt Brooklyn's Mr. Muthaf*&kin' eXquire was the new Biggie Smalls. Read the quote below.

"Big Brooklyn nigga with bars. Like, the verse from 'The Song That Never Ends,' that was the best verse of the year... Real recognize real, you know, he's the new Biggie for New York... I feel like Biggie, before Puffy was involved, is what eXquire is right now."

eXquire caught win of the bold--yet admirable--comparison early this morning and let his 3,947 followers know that he appreciated the comparison, but would not accept it.

dope rappers respect dope rappers XDannyXBrownXwasnt saying im the next ANYTHING, he was just saying give credit where its due.

I aint the next Biggie... i dont even what that means... but the love is real.

I told lil cease when I met him that I was doing this for them, cuz they my elders and as a young black man its my DUTY to rep. but thats it

Guerilla Black wanted to be Biggie... lol... not me... ok im done...

eXquire also tweeted Brown, thanking him for the compliment.

@XDannyXBrownX i appreciate the compliment... these niggas blowing it out of proportion. But they do that with everything.

@eXqomaniaRules I really wanted to say u was gonna be better ...but Imagine how much shit that wud of started?

@XDannyXBrownX ahhhhhhhhhh lmao

This is not the first time eXquire has been compared to a rap legend. Before Biggie, it was Ol' Dirty Bastard—presumably because of his BK hometown and his rapping style.

If you had to compare Mr. Muthaf*&kin' eXquire to one of rap's greats, who would it be? Biggie? ODB? Someone else?

Mixtape: Mr. Muthaf*&kin' eXquire "Merry eXmas & Suck My D*ck"