Late last night it was confirmed that a kingpin of the reggae world has passed away. Winston Riley entered the reggae scene in the '60s as a singer with The Techniques, and from there he started Techniques record label and produced some of Jamaican music's biggest hits for artists like Buju Banton, General Echo, and Super Cat. One of his biggest accomplishments was the creation of the Stalag rhythm, which was used as the backing track for songs like "Ring The Alarm" and "Bam Bam" and has been sampled heavily by hip-hop artists over the years.

In November of 2011, Riley was shot in the head during an attack on his home. He never fully recovered, and died as a result. He was 65 years old. 

For more on the story and a look into the contributions that Winston Riley made to music, head over to Boomshots.

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