Snoop Dogg took to Facebook to flex his influence by uploading a picture of Ron Paul with a headline,: "SMOKE WEED EVERYDAY." It's unclear if this is Snoop's way of endorsing Paul, or just his way of further encouraging the use of marijuana, but he followed the picture up with a subtitle that reads, "because I said so." 

In less than 24 hours, Snoop's post has over 20,000 Facebook likes, and it's started some heavy political discourse. Some of the best comments on the post so far:

"yo man ron paul jus wants 2 legalize da green stuff hes a doctor an shit so yu kno he nows wat da fuk he talkin bout i alreddy got a big fat doobie rolled up to celebrate da day my boi Ronnie gets elected"

"there's no such thing as democrats, or republicans. only RP 2012!"

"So much drama in Washington DC, it's kinda hard bein' Ronald Ernest P."

"i saw someone with the same name as me on here so i commented. also ron paul"

"For realz...Snoop seriously..u gotta make a vid like Geddy says...go Viral...make a 30 second personal endorsement for Dr Paul...hell he may even make u the secretary of horticulture"

[via SnoopDogg]