Diddy was recently on DJ Whoo Kid's radio show talking his shit, recalling the good times when he was flying his crew to exotic islands and winning with the Bad Boy reign. He said that lately, there's been a black cloud over his record company, with haters at the forefront, not understanding how the music business works. Puffy didn't hesitate to mention the fact that he has the record for number one singles either.

He also clarified comments made about Rick Ross and how he compared him to Biggie, but emphasized that he felt like Rozay channeled B.I.G.'s style and his current takeover in the South was similar to Biggie's reign in New York.

“I said on the ‘Angels’ verse, I think he channeled Biggie at night. A lot of emcees, they channel Biggie in some of their verses. You hear the influence. When you channel the influence, that doesn’t mean they’re comparing someone to them. I think I also said that he was the Biggie of the South, because I was there. I knew the effect that Biggie was having on New York and the world. I saw the effect that Ross was having on the South.”

[via RadioPlanet]