You have likely heard about these Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect IP Act (PIPA) bills, which we wrote about right here in a quick and easy guide. Well, today's the day when a slew of websites -- including Google! -- have stood up against the legislation that could potentially shut down and/or censor much of the Internet. 

But it's not just websites that are discussing the negatives of these bills. Artists such as B.o.B and Kreayshawn, among many others, have also voiced their concern via their Twitter accounts.

Here's what Bobby Ray sent out to his 382,000-plus followers: "I'm not usually into politics but .... this has gone too far... we have to fight for our freedom ...." followed by a link to Google's informational page on SOPA and PIPA. He continued, "This a blow to the heart of the American people who have been able to put food on the table from the opportunities provided by web."

Kreayshawn, too, shared a useful link to a YouTube video on just what would happen if the bills passed. Here's her tweet: “Alot of you might be seeing this #SOPA thing and not understand it but watch this simple video and SPRED THE WORD!!”

[via Idolator]