Sexual Orientation

V-Nasty: “I get girls but most of the women I fuck with are not really for...I’m not really a lesbian. I flirt with girls a lot and stuff. I just don’t like labels. I don’t like being labeled as anything like that. [I’ve never dated a girl]. I talk to girls but I never was like, really in a relationship with a female.

“[I’m kissing Kreayshawn in my Twitter avatar because] that’s just my sister. That’s sisterly love right there. I kiss my sister every time we perform. That’s for good luck. That’s a good luck picture.

“I talk to women, but I’ve never been in like, ‘You’re my girlfriend.’ I’m not kissing, I’m know. I don’t like that at all... No. [Laughs.] But more power to... I love my lesbian women. [I don’t identify as a lesbian]. I’m pimping.”

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