Way back in May, when folks discovered Kreayshawn and the awesomeness of her viral smash "Gucci Gucci," we were all eager to learn more about this Oakland sensation. So we clicked our way over to her Youtube page and found a video titled, "A Day With V-Nasty." That's when we first met one of Kreay's best friends, 21-year-old Vanessa Reece aka V-Nasty.

In the video, V-Nasty spit a series of amateurish freestyles ("Lick my pussy, nah give me money"), nearly got into several fights with random pedestrians, and recklessly threw around the N-word before getting high and mellowing out. Her strangely engrossing antics were something straight out of a "My teenage daugher is out of control" episodes on Maury. In other words, she seemed ready made for WorldStarHipHop.

As Kreayshawn's fame grew, so did V-Nasty's infamy. Critics pointed out her poor defense of using the N-word and her general ignorance. But wouldn't you know it? V-Nasty soon became a hot topic on her own. Next thing you know, she was outshining Kreayshawn on stage with her energeric performances and collaborating on a album with Gucci Mane.

With Baytl, her joint with Gucci, dropping today (stream the entire album here), we got on the horn with the Oakland native to find out Who Is V-Nasty? She told us why Lil Debbie got kicked out of White Girl Mob, why she still uses the N-word, and why Gucci said she's more hood than most rappers... 

As told to Insanul Ahmed