Panelist: Foster Kamer, The New York Observer

Yes, Drake's offer to "catch a body like that" is more "pause" than it is a threat of any legitimate stripe, as opposed to, say, "Bag Jackin' Bitches." But at least he's trying. Jay offering to murk someone in the lobby of SoHo's Mercer Hotel for 'Ye is on some babysitter shit, and guess what: If Jay and Kanye wanted, they could have the Sultan of Bernai babysit for them! While they have unprotected sex with his daughter!

Or so goes the unmitigated bombast of WTT, best described by Alex Pappademas in GQ as an album "on which two grandiose motherfuckers explore the theme of grandiose-motherfuckerdom." So it goes, and this is an achievement in and of itself. Yet: Somewhere between Kanye's nine variations on "HAH?!??" and "new watch alert" and Kanye waxing poetic on the Holocaust, my enthusiasm was lost. Is "Niggas In Paris" really so great that they need to play it six times in one concert? No song is that great. It's almost as equal in musical sin to playing thirty seconds of "Party Rock Anthem" anywhere. Again: "Grandiose motherfuckerdom."

There was a brief phase in dining where everyone was putting truffles on everything. Truffles are a rich, strong taste, but it doesn't take a genius to make a great dish with them. You could shave truffles over a Whopper Jr. and it'd taste incredible, just like you can take two superpowers and let them produce unmitigated boom-bap hits while repeatedly emphasizing how extraordinary they are. The effect was numbing to the point of disillusionment.

And here I'd make a case for how truly great I think Take Care is, or what possibilities 40's producing opens up for hip-hop—a new evolution of subtly in the form, for one thing—or why this album was both as surprising as it was long overdue and delivered. But let's just leave it as Ross' verse and Blaze's beat for "Lord Knows." If those are only one set of this album's accoutrements, and the rest falls below it, the standard for accomplishment still rises higher than that of what Jay or 'Ye did on Watch The Throne. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing, bodies caught withstanding.

Advantage: Take Care

Watch The Throne: 3 | Take Care: 3