Panelist: Roger Guerrilla, TheMaskedGorilla

Nostalgia: the “yearning for the past, often in idealized form.” Sounds like a horrible idea to me. Feeling nostalgic keeps us in situations we shouldn’t be in, or even worse, clinging to relationships that are long past their expiration dates. Oh, you thought I was talking about you and your girl? No, Iʼm talking about old hip-hop heads, specifically bloggers, and their relationships with Jay-Z. It’s this same fucked-up, ‘well past the expiration date’ relationship which propels the aforementioned hip-hop heads to dismiss Drake as some new “emo” rapper, who seemingly isnʼt “too hip-hop” after all.

Watch The Throne, in its entirety, (the promotion/ packaging, listening party, the no leaks, that one music video, and the concert series) was an amazing collective piece of artwork. But once you take off the packaging and strip away the hype, was the album as a whole really that great? Eh.

Drakeʼs Take Care was a progressive and cohesive project, which not only perfectly embodies Aubrey as a whole, but has created countless relatable and influential anthems for the younger hip-hop audience. The album possesses endless, full playback value, with a little something for everyone.

True, Watch The Throne had a few hits, and some enjoyable songs. But Take Care may go down as Drakeʼs single greatest effort when itʼs all said and done. Speaking of it being all said and done for a rapper... Hov, put the snapback down, youʼre trying way too hard, bro.

Advantage: Take Care

Watch The Throne: 3 | Take Care: 1