Panelist: ego trip, ego trip

Take Care and Watch The Throne are both so awesome, yet awesomely different. Trying to decide which one is better is like comparing one incredibly luxurious alligator skin hand-stitched-with-elfin-magic apple with one unbelievably forlorn-like-a-frowning-sunset yet ultimately endearing and captivating orange. Each is superior to the other depending on the context. For instance, which album is better for…

Crying in the experience shower. With a friend: TC

A golden shower. With actual gold: WTT

Pepper-spraying fools at a Black Friday sale for those new kicks: WTT

Spraying body wash on yourself like a fool just for kicks: TC

Relating to young women: TC

Paying for young prostitutes: WTT

Sippin’ ancient herbal organic alabaster Indochine tea, and reading the Robb Report on 3K thread count Egyptian slave cotton sheets: WTT

Treating your mangina to a holiday. Or douching: TC

Posting on Tumblr about Twilight while wearing tight jeans: TC

Tweeting something “funny,” and imagining LOLs that don’t exist: WTT

Wearing sunglasses at night (to protect your eyes from ultraviolet sadness): TC

Wiping your ass with Susan B. Anthony silver dollars: WTT

BFF-ing all your BFFs: TC

Reaffirming the absolute truth that when you die the world will end: WTT

WINNER: WTT by a hair. Because… actually, we just flipped a coin.

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Advantage: Watch The Throne

Watch The Throne: 2 | Take Care: 0