Panelist: Kathy Iandoli, HipHopDX

Watch The Throne and Take Care sound like they are the before and after of one another. The former, being the reckless young adults having fun, and the latter being the pensive regretful aftermath of it all. The only problem is Kanye West and Jay-Z are in their 30s and 40s respectively and Drake is the one in his 20s. Something isn’t right here.

While it’s true that on WTT, Jay and Ye have some degree of thoughtfulness going on (i.e. “New Day,” “No Church In the Wild,” etc.) for the most part we’re learning about who Martin Margiela is (“N***as In Paris”) and watching the dynamic duo strip down a Maybach in the “Otis” video and do donuts with it, while girls in the backseat are screaming. Shouldn’t Drake be having that kind of fun? Instead he’d be the one complaining that since there’s no roof on the Maybach his hair is getting cold.

If we’re going to hear about living luxuriously, I’d rather it be on the positive than the negative. Besides, Jay-Z and Kanye West gave us plenty of designers to Google after Watch The Throne. The only thing Drake gave us to Google are the side-effects of Lexapro.

Advantage: Watch The Throne

Watch The Throne: 1 | Take Care: 0