Producer: N/A
Album: Doc's da Name 2000
Label: Def Jam
Redman "Who Took Da Satellite Van (Skit)"

Redman "We Got Da Satellite Van (Skit)"

By the time Reggie Noble recorded his fourth studio LP he'd mastered the art of making skits. Always a fan of the medium, his early efforts were arguably a little strange or all over the place (one might point the finger of blame at those excessive blunts he was smoking).

But he finally hit his prime here in the sensational N.W.A-esque satellite van skits, which start with a dorky reporter coming to the 'hood in Newark asking Reggie Noble too many of the wrong questions.

Towards the end of the album he finds out that his news van has been stolen by Gov Mattic and Mr. Not of Brick Mob. As the cops give chase, recurring character Nasty Nadj helps the culprits from the Fuck Y'all Hella-Cam high up in the sky. Criminal mischief never sounded so fun.

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